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Join the Montana Libertarian Party


Currently raising money for Live Author Video Discussion with Matt Kibbe and for an event featuring Libertarian candidate for Congress Mark Wicks.

Send checks to:

Flathead County Libertarian Party

519 Central Ave.

Whitefish, MT 59937

Interested in running for office? We’d like to help.


Now is the time. Filing for elected offices opens April 20 and closes in June for November elections.

Libertarian Campaign

In addition, several local boards currently have vacancies while others come up for new appointments soon. Check out the spreadsheet below and find an elected or appointed position that fits your background, interest, or skill set.

March 2017 Flathead County Offices and Boards

Guide to campaign messaging for Libertarians


The following resources are full of insights and training in both what it takes to campaign and to be effective in office.

Libertarian Leadership

From free guidance videos to paid academy and one-on-one campaign help, Libertarian Leadership offers amazing resources.

LP Action

Free resources and guidance along with nuts and bolts advice from branding to preparing a press release.

Libertarian public policy videos

Free video lectures by a Harvard professor in applying libertarian philosophy across a spectrum of polices. Great for would -be and current policy makers.

Cato State Legislative Guide

Policy ideas from Cato experts, best of list of Cato articles on issues, supporting analysis and data, and Cato scholars contact information.

FCLP's Candidate Group

Join others in the Flathead who want to explore running for office.


Vice Chair Sid Daoud heads up a group of people exploring running for office. Contact him to find out when the next meeting is.

(406) 646-6090


Legislative Action — where principles meet the practical

Interested in helping form the MTLP's legislative action efforts?

We are recruiting a leadership team now.

Contact Cindy Dyson-McGlenn, chair of the MTLP’s Legislative Outreach, Affiliate Development and Candidate Development Committee.


(406) 407-0818





Want to help out? We are always looking for people to do things from bringing snacks to meetings to managing data to running event booths to organizing outreach, candidate development, legislative action programs.

Just email us at flatheadlibertarians@gmail.com