Stand up for freedom in 2018!

Apply your talents and passion for liberty to the political realm this year.

In the Flathead, we have 17 important elections in 2018. You could be a part of making a difference.


Districts 4 & 5


Districts: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11


Commissioner, Sheriff...

County Attorney

Clerk & Recorder

Justice of the Peace Dept. 1

Justice of the Peace Dept. 2

Treasurer & Public Administrator

Whether you want to run just to give voters a Libertarian choice, or to spread the liberty message, or are all in and want to win…

we’re here to help.

Candidate Workbook

Your guide for running for office with step-by-step help, contacts for graphics, training, and mentoring. You’ll get access upon filling out the candidate form below.

Candidate Working Group

You’ll be part of the Flathead County Libertarian Candidate Work Group. Led by Vice Chair and computer guru Sid Daoud, you’ll benefit from shared wisdom and camaraderie as you work your way through the campaign process.

Sid is available at: (406) 471-6723 |

Mentoring & Networking

As a Flathead Libertarian candidate, we’ll help connect you to state and national Libertarian mentors and experts to help you achieve your campaign goals.

Interested in running for office? Take the first step by filling out the form below.

You’ll be emailed the Candidate Workbook and get a call from the FCLP to listen to your ideas and direct you toward resources.



Hone your speaking skills with Toastmasters

Libertarian Leadership

From free guidance videos to paid academy and one-on-one campaign help, Libertarian Leadership offers amazing resources.

LP Action

Free resources and guidance along with nuts and bolts advice from branding to preparing a press release.

Libertarian public policy videos

Free video lectures by a Harvard professor in applying libertarian philosophy across a spectrum of polices. Great for would -be and current policy makers.

Cato State Legislative Guide

Policy ideas from Cato experts, best of list of Cato articles on issues, supporting analysis and data, and Cato scholars contact information.